“I just wanted to say thank you, really God has been speaking to me about my choices , I’ve learned to pause and look at the pros and cons of every situation and my choice and this presentation has brought me closer to God and what he wants for me to do in this life. The example that he shows me that someone like Tiki and Tish could come together through him makes me believe that he can do anything in my life. Thank you for visiting my school.” Jordan M.
“Thanks for showing us forgiveness and how to start moving on!”  Rachel B.
“I cannot put into words how much this message impacted me.” Braden M.
“It takes a lot of courage for Tiki to speak about her story. It changed my thinking. I hope it touches others the was it touched me.”  Jennifer F.

What people are saying about tiki

“This video and presentation severely impacted my thoughts on driving under the influence.” Ian B.
“This was an amazing presentation and it really made me consider the cost, risk, and consequence of drinking and driving.” Lucas M.
“This program is amazing. I’ve seen it 3 times and it doesn’t get any easier to hear nor does it get any less impactful. Thank you for all you do!” Kaitlin P.
“I am in awe of Tiki’s strength and forgiveness and faith. Kevin gave back through loss. I have had 3 DUIs, the 2nd with children in the car. I wish I had seen this sooner and had the impact Tiki made today. This mess was turned into a message.” Holly C.
“Tiki’s presentation truly touched me and encouraged me not to only forgive but to think about my choices each day!”  Abby G.
“Your strength is unbelievable. It’s awesome that you turned to God through all of it instead of turning away! This was an eye opener to watch out for my friends and be a responsible friend.” Autumn S.​
“Your story had a sting influence on my choices from here on out.” Dylan M.
“Tiki’s talk is very touching and has helped me see some reason to avoid alcohol.”  Benjamin B.
“It moved me in a way words could not tell. I’ll always remember this day that I learned how my decisions affect me and the people around me.” Terry C.
“I think it is truly inspiring how you chose to forgive in order to better impact the decisions of others.” Abby M.
“I cannot put into words how much this message impacted me.” Braden M.
“Your Talk really changed my thoughts and decisions about a lot of things!” Lauren K.
“A true inspiration in every way!” Ryan G.