My son, Kevin, took the opportunity to be a Superhero by giving the gift of himself to save others so they could live. And you can too!​​

Two years prior to being killed by a drunk driver,  Kevin  had a friend that died who was an organ donor. After Blake’s funeral, Kevin talk to his mom about the fact that he thought it was so cool that Blake had saved lives. He said, “Mom, its like Blake is a Superhero because he saved lives. If anything ever happens to me I want to be an organ donor too!” Tiki, Kevin’s mom, told Kevin how proud she was that he made such a selfless CHOICE. She never thought she would someday be faced with making that decision for him.

​When there was nothing more that could be done and Kevin had be pronounced brain dead, the only CHOICE left was to honor Kevin’s CHOICE. And in doing so Kevin saved the lives of four people:CHOICE for him.

KEVIN’S HEART went to a 48-year-old male named Melvin Ellis. We received our first letter from him on April 2, 2012, what would have been Kevin’s 26th birthday (our first one without him). It was the best gift we could have received! To hear from the man who carries Kevin’s heart was wonderful. We immediately wrote back. Soon after on July 7, 2012 we got to meet!! Melvin let us listen to Kevin’s heart with a stethoscope. There are no words to describe the emotion of that day.  [kevmelvin]

We spent the weekend together and bonded as a family. We mushed all our names

together and now call ourselves, “The FINYATELLISONs”!! We are one big family now. We talk on the phone, text, and Facebook, and try to travel a couple times a year to visit since we are on opposite sides of Tennessee.

Kevin’s Donor Family meets Heart Recipient, Melvin

KEVIN’S LIVER went to a 72-year-old male.

KEVIN’S RIGHT KIDNEY went to a 48-year-old-male.

KEVIN’S LEFT KIDNEY and PANCREAS went to a 49-year-old woman.

Kevin also donated tissue and bone.

The communication process has begun with the other recipients, but we have not yet received anything back from them. We are patiently waiting and very much want to

[bethegiftlogo] know about them and someday meet them face to face.

BE THE GIFT – If Kevin’s story has inspired you to be a SUPERHERO too, please register today at If you register in Tennessee, when answering the question, “How did you hear about the registry?” choose “Kevin’s 1N3 story” in the drop down box. This let’s us know how many have chosen to be superhero like Kevin!

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